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by Tracy Barone

A mordantly funny and propulsive novel about a woman coming to terms with her family—adoptive, biological, and future.

In 1962, a pregnant girl staggers into a health clinic, gives birth, and flees. A foster family takes the baby in, and an unlikely couple, their lives unspooling from the recent death of their infant, adopts her.

Forty years and many secrets and lies later, Cheri Matzner is all grown up and falling apart. Ironic and fierce, she's a former cop-turned-disgruntled academic, a frustrated wife trying to get pregnant, an iconoclastic daughter bearing war-wounds from her dysfunctional family. Thrust unto an odyssey of acceptance, she discovers that sometimes it take's half a lifetime to come of age.

Weaving together the stories of the deeply flawed but well-intentioned people who've shaped Cheri's life, HAPPY FAMILY is an intimate exploration of the gap between our expectations and beliefs about our families, and the truth.

Publishing Date: May 24, 2016

Tracy BaroneTracy Barone earned her MFA in dramatic writing at NYU and has worked as a screenwriter and playwright. She has worked in Hollywood, where she was the Executive Producer on Wild, Wild, West, Rosewood, My Fellow Americans, and Money Train and was instrumental in the acquisition and development of Men in Black and Ali. In addition to an MFA, Barone holds a B.A. from NYU.